Find below an overview of the possible extras that can be added to your tour:


Your rental vehicle in Namibia has standard third party insurance and is insured in case of traffic accidents for 90% of the new value. The client is responsible for the excess of the remaining 10%, for which a guarantee by credit card is required.

If you would like to rent the car with a lower than standard excess, an additional daily fee will be calculated.

For example, it is possible to reduce the standard excess with 50% or to have the minimum excess (N$1,500.-).

The exact fees are depending on the vehicle of your choice and the number of passengers. It is for example possible to reduce the standard excess with 50% for a fee of about Euro 10.- per day. It is also possible to have the minimum excess for an extra daily fee of about Euro 33.-. The exact details are mentioned in the itinerary.

Important: the insurance company in Namibia only covers the damage in case of a traffic accident. Damage caused by negligence of the driver(s) themselves is not covered. Moreover, also excluded is damage cause by sandstorms, damaged glass/windows, damaged tires (except with Reduction 3, see explanation car insurance) and damage to personal belongings.

Click here to download the detailed insurance explanation. Or contact us in case of questions for your specific situation.

Additional driver

In the standard agreement and for insurance purposes, only one driver is included (minimum of 25 years, with more expensive 4x4 minimum of 30 years). If you like to make use of more than 1 driver, this can be arranged by paying an fee for the additional driver(s).

The additional fee is Euro 2.50 per person per day.

Satellite phone

SAT-phoneAlthough your own GSM phone can be used in Namibia (depending on your network provider), most of the time you will only have signal in urban areas. A satellite phone can be used everywhere in Namibia, even in the most remote areas.

The rent of the satellite phone is Euro 9.- per day (excluding phone charges).


GPSA GPS satellite navigation system, with the digital compass and traction system, assures you will never get lost in Southern Africa. This system is simple to use, has a battery and can therefore be carried during hiking as well.

The rent of the GPS system is Euro 5.- per day.



A compressor is used to inflate your tyres to the right pressure level. The compressor can be connected to your battery and is easy to use. With a compressor you do not have to depend on petrol stations.

The rental fee of a compressor is Euro 15.- per trip.


FridgeIf you hire a car without camping equipment, but would like to have chilled drinks and food while your travelling, you can hire a fridge. The fridge has a capacity of 40 litres. While driving the fridge works on the battery, therefore an extension cable is supplied. When there is no power for the fridge, you can keep the fridge closed as much as possible during the evening, so your products stay cool.

The rental fee of a fridge is Euro 5.- per day.

Cross Border Permit

In case you would like to cross the Namibian border with your rental car, you need to have a Cross-border Permit. The fee for this permit is once Euro 50.- to be able to enter South-Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe, and once Euro 200.- additionally if also Malawi, Zambia or Mozambique is included.

Car delivery or pick-up service

In case you would like to pick-up or return your rental car in another destination then in Windhoek or outside Namibia, this is possible. Please contact us for the fees of the destination of your choice.

Two-way radios

Two Way Radio SystemWhen you are planning to travel together with two vehicles or more, renting two-way radio systems is really adding value to your trip. It makes communicating with each other so much easier. The radio systems are easy to use and have a reach of at least 15 km. 

The rental fee of a two-way radio system is Euro 3.- per radio per day.


SIM-cardA SIM-card of the local Namibian mobile telecom network gives you the opportunity to call and send text messages at a low rate. You can order a SIM-card with us in advance. This way you can receive your local Namibian phone number before arriving in Namibia. So you can already inform your family and friends.

A prepaid SIM-card with credit costs Euro 10.- a piece.

Jerrycan – 20 litres

Jerry canAll 4x4 off-road vehicles are equipped with a double fuel tank. You can drive many kilometres on one tank. However, when you are planning to drive off-road for multiple days where you will not have any/hardly any petrol stations you can choose to bring jerry can(s) with extra fuel along.

The rental fee of a jerry can is Euro 5.- per jerry can per trip. When hiring a jerry can you will also need to hire a roof rack. The jerry can will be strapped onto the roof rack.

Roof rack

Roof Rack

For the 4x4 off-road vehicles you can rent a roof rack. For example, when you are travelling with 5 people the luggage compartment is limited. A roof rack can then be a solution. One can strap for example the table, chairs, ground tent etc. on top the roof rack.

The rental fee of a roof rack is Euro 35.- per roof rack per trip.

Water can – 20 litres

Water canAll 4x4 off-road vehicles are equipped with a water tank. When you are planning to travel off-road for multiple days through an area where there are no or hardly any facilities an additional water can could be advisable.

The rental fee of a water can is Euro 3.- per water can per trip.

Child seat

BoosterWhen you are travelling with children you can choose to rent a baby seat or a booster. Your child will be able to look out of the window better and spot more animals.

The rental fee of a baby seat or booster is Euro 35.- per unit per trip.

FastFind beacon

WFastFindould you like to have the security that you can be located quickly in case of an emergency? Than you can rent the waterproof “Personal Location Beacon” (PLB). When an emergency occurs you can activate the beacon, which will then send out a signal. After activation help will be send immediately.

The rent of the beacon is Euro 5.- per day.

4x4 drivers training

Having sufficient 4x4 driving skills and a good knowledge of a 4x4 vehicle is crucial and will increase your safety during your self-drive trip. Join an experienced 4x4 driving instructor and learn all about safety and 4x4 driving in Africa.

A training session of two hours (max. 2 drivers) cost Euro 95,- (also extended day-courses available). Only possible if you start in Windhoek.

Driver training