Explore Botswana is part of Explore Namibia, which is a dynamic and professional company located in Namibia, founded in 2006 by the Dutch couple, Marco and Elise.

Both have travelled through Africa extensively and they simply love it. When the opportunity occurred to go on an adventure to Africa, they did not hesitate, quit their jobs in Europe and moved 10.000 km South. And still today, after all these years they still love what they do – Explore Namibia & Botswana and help others do the same!

Over the past 13 years our company has grown and built a strong team in Windhoek, Namibia with a vast amount of local ‘know-how’ and up-to-date information. Here you will also find nearby support while travelling. And as recent as March 2019, we also opened an office in Haarlem, The Netherlands, so that experienced tour consultants can bring the next Africa adventure closer to your home.

In 2018, Julia joined Marco and Elise on this adventure. Julia was born and raised on a guest-farm in Namibia, was always closely involved with visitors from all over the world and fascinated by their passion for these southern African countries. After spending some years in Europe, Julia is happy to be ‘back home’ and share these unique experiences, Botswana and Namibia have to offer, with others. Recently the activities were merged with My Namibia Safaris, and Mirela and Rainer were welcomed as partners, and so was Johannes, the better half of Julia.


It all started in 2006 when me and my husband left the Netherlands to start a new life in Namibia.

Namibia and Botswana have been our favorite destination for many years and this we wanted to share with others. Explore Namibia and Explore Botswana were born. Time flies and it is now already 14 years ago that we settled in Windhoek. During this time, we organized many self-drive tours. This self-drive concept is simply what we enjoy ourselves and I believe it is the way ‘to go’ for many others as well. Travelling should be at the traveler’s own pace, and focus on their own interests. And it has to be an adventure!


Nature lovers will be in their element in Botswana, with its national parks full of wildlife. Botswana is also perfect for a family holiday and can easily be combined with Namibia and the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, with just a bit of planning and taking it easy on the long roads.

This amazing country is also a photographer’s paradise: get close to animals, enjoy amazing colors and contrasts and make spectacular photos of the milky way at night. Explore Botswana!


We listen and we plan. Based on your wishes we organize your self-drive adventure that will stay with you forever!


Our team, whether from Namibia or The Netherlands will assist you organize your dream holiday! We organize your car, equipment, accommodations as well as fun activities. We communicate with you throughout to ensure you will get exactly what you like and we treat your adventure with the same passion and care as if it was our own.


Seven years ago, during our own first self-drive trip, I fell in love with this beautiful country. After having returned to Namibia several times, our inner feeling told us to do something with it. Together with my husband we decided to build up a living in Namibia. By joining the Explore Namibia team I could let other people fall in love with this beautiful Namibia and Botswana.


A little while ago, Explore Namibia opened new offices in Haarlem, The Netherlands. That was the moment that I left Africa, but never in my heart. Now I am able to meet the travelers closer to home and still organize them the most beautiful journeys.



I am passionate about assisting travelers from all over the world with planning their own journey and to provide them with all kinds of information about Namibia and Botswana which are both the most special and amazing countries.


I go with the quote that says, “Do not let others tell you how amazing the world is, see it for yourself”. It is better to see something for yourself than to hear about it a thousand times from others.



Tourism seems to be hereditary in my family. My Grandfather was a Tour Guide all his life and this passion splashed over to me. I have been in the tourism industry since 2012, starting as a receptionist on one of Namibia’s bigger lodges. I eventually worked through the stages until I became a Lodge Manager. After 7 years on lodges, I moved back to my hometown, Swakopmund, where I worked in the Camps Reservations department and moved to Windhoek 2 years later to pursue another branch in tourism.


Tourism is not a job; it is a lifestyle and I enjoy every minute I spend living it.



I’m new in this industry and never been happier. This change has only brought me tons of joy.


I can remember, since I was little the smallest trip would bring me so much joy and excitement. I love knowing how exited all the clients are when arriving and how happy they are when retuning back to their homes. They get to see what a stunning place we get to live our daily lives in. And every single client takes a piece of Namibia back home with them. Tourism make you look at the world with a new set of eyes and makes you appreciate nature so much more.


I look forward to my time here and working with this incredible team.



As long as I can remember my parents took me on self-drive safari trips through Africa. Sometimes we slept in lodges, but we also often slept outside, on campsites in roof tents on top of our old Toyota 4×4 Landcruiser. Although it was considered a “normal” holiday, it always felt as a great adventure to me. The sounds of wild animals during the night and sleeping under the millions of stars – that feeling is simply indescribable.


I am still passionate about adventurous camping trips, nature photography and teaching my little daughters the beauty of nature. I speak English, German & Afrikaans and can understand quite a bit of Dutch.



As a child, a family safari was always a huge adventure. We would drive in our car through the winding roads or fly in the small plane to reach the far-off places, which are well hidden, like in the Okavango Delta or the Savute marshes of Botswana. It is great to discover new destinations, setting up camp, unearthing unknown plants and spotting animals. Still today, I enjoy a family holiday in our beautiful ‘neighborhood’ and experience something new with every single trip or excursion.


I love to assist others with planning their own self-drive experience and consider it a real privilege to see that special twinkle and new knowledge in their eyes upon returning. There is simply no better escape from our busy life than spending time in nature.



After finishing school and not being able to further my studies I started working in the tourism industry in 2003.


I’ve started as a receptionist and was later promoted to Tour Consulting and learned and experienced a lot of what Namibia and its people have to offer. I’m passionate about the industry and love helping local and overseas clients to plan their dream holiday and to share the knowledge of our country with them. Being part of the Explore Namibia Team is really and honor and I can say with pride it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.


We have the best team that will always go the extra mile to make all our clients happy and plan the perfect dream holiday not to be forgotten. My dream and also on my bucket list is to travel the world one day and experience the diverse cultures and nature!!!



Growing up in Windhoek and spending each holiday at the village was fun and seldom monotonous. I was curious to discover the reason why people kept saying: “Namibia is a top tourism destination.” I wanted to see it for myself and see something different from the everyday goats and cows. My curiosity led me into perusing studies in travel and tourism and now I passionately organize tours and love to interact with people from different walks of life.


Travelling to Namibia and Botswana is more than just ‘safari’. It’s about the people, the culture, the environment and the history of the country. Explore Namibia gives the entire African Experience.



Millions of bright stars at night, a cozy BBQ campfire in the middle of nature, the sights of free-roaming wildlife and breathtaking landscapes with endless horizons. In a search for adventure and ultimate freedom, these elements made me fall in love with Africa.


And until today, I realize that Elise and I have been very fortunate being able to make our dreams come true, something that I will be grateful for the rest of my life.