Camping Equipped Vehicles

Driving through the endless landscapes of Botswana becomes even more fun when you are bringing along all the equipment you need to spend the night in the middle of nature and prepare your own meals! You want to rest assured that you have the best possible car, being able to comfortably carry you over the long stretches of gravel road. Explore Botswana guarantees you a rental vehicle in perfect condition with excellent back-up service. So, you can go and enjoy your holiday in beautiful Botswana and Southern-Africa!


Standard 4×4 vehicles

Explore Botswana offers you a selection of the best 4×4 car rentals perfectly designed for Botswana’s roads and convenient for driving in the rainy season. Our standard 4×4 car rentals are suitable for those who do not need camping equipment but instead will reside at lodges and guesthouses only.

All car rentals are perfectly maintained and suitable for driving the gravel roads. Included in the standard car rental:

Unlimited mileage

Airport and hotel transfers

4x4 explanation and test drive

24-hours emergency service in case of a breakdown

Insurance with standard excess

Third party insurance

Road maps

Exploring the Wild Heart of Africa: A Self-Drive Safari in Botswana!