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From driving through Botswana’s beautiful nature during an overland safari; to overlooking the crisscrossing channels of the Okavango Delta from a small aircraft from high above; or from riding in a Mokoro (traditional canoe) to explore the Delta or taking a quad-bike drive over huge salt pans – Botswana has it all!


Activities make your experience in Botswana complete: go deeper into the wild bush, get closer to the animals, gather more interesting background information, or just experience that extra adrenaline! We give you an idea of the possible activities throughout Botswana, but the sky is the limit – so just ask for more! Although activities can also be booked locally upon arrival, we recommend to book in advance to avoid disappointment.


Although it is a unique experience to drive in your own 4×4, it can also be exciting to go on an organized safari at one of your destinations. There are many different forms of organized Safaris. Enjoy the beauty of nature during a traditional safari, while a guide provides interesting information and presents the best sights or go on a game drive and see as much wildlife as possible. Also possible via boat along the shores of the Chobe River, for example.

Do you want to make sure that you get the best shots on film? Then choose a photographic safari. Or what about an adventurous walking safari, where you are a participant in the world of wildlife – feel, hear and smell your surroundings up close?

If you fully want to immerse yourself in the wilderness, join a mobile safari, where you travel from one place to another with a tented camp. This is even possible on water with an exclusive houseboat safari!


Driving through Botswana, in the middle of nature is extraordinary. The most spectacular views are, however, seen from above.


Step into a small airplane or helicopter and see the complex channel structure of the Okavango Delta from above. With a birds-eye view, it almost looks like a colorful painting.


Do you rather take it a bit slower? Then soar up in a hot air balloon for that once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Okavango Delta in Botswana and the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe are the best sites for unforgettable sky adventures, as well as the Kalahari Desert, Sossusvlei and the Atlantic Coast in Namibia.


There are plenty of ways to explore the Okavango Delta, by making use of its natural ‘roads’ – the thousands of channels of water. Explore the heart of the Okavango delta and see the beauty of the fauna and flora unfold in front of your eyes.


Hippos and birds are in abundance – don’t leave your cameras or pair of binoculars behind. Experience the world 1000th heritage site on boat or take a tour with the Mokoro, a traditional dug out canoe, which allows you to be fully in touch with nature.


You could also “ride the rapids” with a raft on the Kunene or Kavango River in the north, or at Vicoria Falls. Splash away!



Those looking for that extra kick will find it at Victoria Falls! Rafting on the rapids of the Zambezi not enough yet? How about a bungee jump right next to the crashing Falls, or swinging across the large gorge? Of course, you can also get into a helicopter and watch the falls from above or simply take a relaxed stroll around the amazing national park. The possibilities are endless.


And there is more to explore! Jump on a quad bike and discover the wilderness – an excellent way to experience nature from close by. Thrill seekers can go skydiving or off-road driving – adrenaline guaranteed! When the night falls, Botswana offers opportunities for stargazing – unveil the clear blue sky with its millions of stars.


The best way to discover Botswana is to drive with your own vehicle.