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Explore Botswana offers organised self-drive holidays.


Botswana is wild! Therefore, good preparation and some advance planning are essential. We will arrange your accommodations, whether you wish to stay in lodges and guesthouses, on campsites or both. Explore Botswana offers organized self-drive holidays and you can go on an adventure in a fully equipped vehicle of your own choice.








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Itineraries & Tailor-Made Adventures

You are looking for real adventure and you love nature, you chose to go on holiday in Botswana and appreciate help with the organization of your journey? You don’t have the time or possibilities to arrange everything yourself, and perhaps you also want to cross the borders to Namibia and Zimbabwe?
Then explore Botswana together with us!


To make it easier for you, Explore Botswana offers a variety of itineraries. You can book these, or you can use them for inspiration to build your own, tailor-made adventure. Explore Botswana will always make sure that you will experience the journey of your dreams!

  • Back to Basics - 20 days

    Adventurous camping and you can hardly get closer in touch with nature.

  • Highlights Botswana - 14 days

    Explore the fascinating national parks and experience the best bits Botswana has to offer.

  • Combi Namibia - 21 days

    Seek diversity; from far stretching savannas, to lush green oases and abundant wildlife.

Explore the beauty
of wild Africa

Why Choose Us?

Years of experience

Explore Botswana is part of Explore Namibia, which is a dynamic and professional company located in Namibia, founded in 2006 by the Dutch couple, Marco and Elise. Both have travelled through Africa extensively and they simply love it. When the opportunity occurred to go on an adventure to Africa, they did not hesitate, quit their jobs in Europe and moved 10.000 km South. And still today, after all these years they still love what they do – Explore Namibia & Botswana and help others do the same! In 2018, Julia joined Marco and Elise on this adventure. Julia was born and raised on a guest-farm in Namibia, was always closely involved with visitors from all over the world and fascinated by their passion for these southern African countries. After spending some years in Europe, Julia is happy to be ‘back home’ and share these unique experiences, Botswana and Namibia have to offer, with others.

100% customized

Every traveler has their own preferences. Some like to book as little as possible in advance and rather have a rough plan only, to be flexible along the way. Others like to have most of their holiday pre-organized, not having to worry about the next place to stay. Explore Botswana can assist you in many ways. Do you like to have a lot of freedom during your trip? Then we can help you with a vehicle. If you prefer more comfort, we can offer you the full package including flights and activities.

24-hours support & friendly service

We are close by while you are traveling and always reachable. Should you feel uncertain along the way or hit a “bump along the road” you can easily contact us, and we will gladly assist you to make your trip and stay in Botswana as enjoyable as possible with little or no interruptions.

Explore-Botswana-WhyChooseUs_At your own pace
At your own pace

We offer organized self-drive holidays in Botswana including accommodations. You will be the driver of a fully equipped rental vehicle of your own choice; and are not just part of an organized group. Choose one of the beautiful routes and stay in selected accommodations or campsites, which are all reserved for you in advance.

Explore Botswana

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