Make sure you are well prepared and that you will have a secure journey. The chance that something bad happened to your family or yourself before or during your trip is small, but in those cases it is important to get the right insurance. Later you can save costs and a lot of trouble.

Travel and cancellation insurance

We strongly recommend a travel and cancellation insurance, so that any unexpected costs due to illness, accidents, cost of replacing stolen or lost baggage or necessary repatriation are covered.

We advise to contact your local insurance agent or bank to take you right to be informed about the possibilities.

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Health Insurance

We recommend to contact your health care provider to let you know about the coverage of possible medical expenses.

Car Insurance

In Botswana and many other African states you are not obliged to insure the vehicle. Many vehicles driving around are not insured at all.

This is a result of car insurances in Botswana (and Namibia) vary compared to the European insurance policies.

This kind of European insurance as “Full Casco” or “All Risk” is simply not known in Botswana. It is therefore important to keep you well informed about the various possible forms of insurance.

Here you can download a document with all the main aspects of the car insurance:

Download Insurance


With some kind of travel insurance it is possible to insure for the damage to the vehicle, which are not covered by the above insurance of the rental company. Some credit cards also cover possible damages. We therefore recommend strongly to be prepared and informed in advance regarding insurance policies.


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