How to book a trip ?

Explore Botswana is specialized in tailor-made holidays in Botswana. These can be camping trips with overnight stays at campsites, but it is also possible to travel through Botswana and stay in (luxury) accommodation such as hotels and lodges. We can also offer a mix of campsites and accommodations.

It is important to know that Botswana is a ‘wild’ and unspoilt part of southern Africa with limited infrastructure. A proper planning and a healthy adventurous mentality is a must when travelling around this beautiful country full of wild animals.

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Self-drive tours
The majority of our tours are self-drive tours where you will drive yourself in a fully equipped 4x4 rental vehicle with all campsites and/or accommodations booked for you in advance.

Tours with driver/guide
We also offer so-called "guided tours" where you will travel through Botswana and/or Namibia
with a professional guide/driver.

We only make use of well-maintained and fully equipped 4x4 vehicles for our tours through Botswana.

Air flights
Many people nowadays choose for booking their international flights themselves. To make a proper travel proposal, it is important for us to know what the (expected) locations and dates are of arrival and departure. These might include: Maun or Gabarone in Botswana, Windhoek in Namibia, but it is also possible to fly from/to Johannesburg in South-Africa or Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

Personal situation

To offer you a tailor-made travel proposal, which fits your preferences, it is important for us to have a clear picture of your situation and your wishes.
The details that are important for us to be able to make a personal proposal are:
• Number of persons
• Ages of participants
• Do you prefer a camping trip, accommodation trip or a mix of both
• Degree of luxury
• Desired period of travelling
• Scheduled arrival and departure dates (if known) or flight details
• Place where the journey must begin and end
• Self-drive or a trip with guide / driver
• Preferences, interest, etc.
• Budget (if known)
• Any other matters that are relevant to your trip.

How to book a trip
In principle the following process will take place:
1. You are considering a trip to Botswana (and/or Namibia) and will contact us.
2. You will inform us about your needs, preferences and your personal situation.
3. We will work this out and inform you usually within 24 hours about the possibilities and send you a tailor-made and personal travel proposal with a transparent price calculation.
4. You will analyse the proposal and give us your feedback and we will adapt the travel proposal accordingly until it is fully in line with your wishes.
5. Once you are happy and do agreed with the proposal and quotation, you will send us the bookings form and we will immediately start to book and organize everything for you. We will obviously keep you informed about the status of the bookings.
6. As soon as all bookings are confirmed, we will send you the tax invoice for the 20% deposit to be paid. Payment can be made into our Dutch, German or Namibian bank account. Also, payment by credit card (VISA or Mastercard) or by PayPal is possible.
7. Once the deposit has been received, you will receive an electronic booking confirmation and herewith the booking is final and confirmed.
8. A few weeks before arrival you will receive a request to settle the full payment.
9. Before your journey begins, you will receive a comprehensive travel package, including all vouchers and lots of information. If you are starting your trip in Windhoek, then you will have a personal meet & greet with one of the employees of Explore Botswana.
10. Your journey can begin.

Should you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us.

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